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Our beginnings

Driven by Gavin Schuster & Anthony Hart, the concept spun out of their joint desire to change the way rural and remote South Australian Men deal with health issues of the mind..

July 7th, 2015

They ran their first ‘Save our Mates’ Men’s Night Out, at the Freeling Football Ground Clubrooms. 

Expecting 35 local farmers, 135 turned up to hear Anthony share his story of how he jumped off the top of a 21 storey building in Sydney. Miraculously 7 storeys down a balcony awning broke his fall and he survived.

The Schuster's

Merv (88), Valory Schuster, son Gavin (55), wife Sherrin, sons Corbin, Leighton & Harrison.  The Schuster family are a 5th generation farming family operating a 2000-hectare farm in Freeling, South Australia, 30 km’s north of Adelaide.

  • Gavin was raised by his parents to care for others.

  • From an early age he had a desire to educate fellow farmers that mental health challenges are real, they need addressing and that they need to be treated like any other health issue.

  • He has seen first hand the ripple effect Suicide has on his community.

  • Gavin wasn't afraid to say or do what was needed to be done, especially mental health.

  • Where others would simply shire away, Gavin goes head on.

Anthony Hart

  • Anthony from Adelaide, is married to Zoe with three children Evie (14), James (13) and Oliver (10).

  • November 7th 2003, Anthony suffering anxiety & depression, made an attempt on his own life. It was a shear stroke of luck saw him survive, and through his story of rehabilitation he discovered 4 powerful principles to ensure he would never get to that place again mentally.

  • Since that Maiden talk in Freeling, he has shared his story to over 20,000 people and has made it his mission to share tools and tips to stop others going down the same path he did in 2003.

  • In 2021, he was a South Australian finalist in the Australian of the Year.

Get in Touch

Give us a buzz or drop us a line.


Gavin Schuster: 0428 811 407

Anthony Hart: 0419 188 208

Adelaide, South Australia

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