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Blokes would rather hear your challenges than your eulogy


About Save Our Mates

​If a bloke had a broken leg, he’d get help. He would be honest with the doctor about his leg and he would be looked after. We need to get to a point in Australia where if we have a ‘broken mind’, we seek and get that same help. 
On average, in Australia, 3000 people lose their lives to suicide. Research tells us more than 50% of these Australians had not sought professional medical help for the health condition that cost them their life.


Of these 3000, more than 75% are men.
Save Our Mates is dedicated to early intervention, sharing tools, tips and resources  blokes can use to better confront life's challenges.

​If you are struggling today you need to talk to someone, you need to start exercising, you need to look at your alcohol and drug consumption, and you need to get help with your sleep. Think of it as ‘mind health first aid’ – it’s like the crutches you would get to support you if your leg was broken.

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Grab a feed, drink some beer and catch up with mates.

This traveling roadshow moves from town-to-town in country South Australia, bringing men together and starting vital conversations. Too often men adhere to a culture of remaining silent about their mind health challenges, a problem that contributes directly to the high rates of male suicide experienced by our communities.

What should I expect on the night?

Nothing too hectic. Each Chew The Fat night is hosted by a local family, so you can expect to find yourself in a large shed. We put on some good tucker, plenty of good beer and we share a few stories. But mostly the night is exactly what it says on the tin - a chance to catch up and 'chew the fat'.

Who can come?

These nights are just for blokes.

How do I book?

No need to book, just turn up on the night - and bring a few mates!

Upcoming locations

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Past Dates

Read the recaps and check out pics from our past Chew The Fat nights.

Be a better mate!

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Get in Touch

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Gavin Schuster: 0428 811 407

Anthony Hart: 0419 188 208

Adelaide, South Australia

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